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Things are getting a little ‘artsy’ this month with local artist CJ Marsh!

We are excited to announce that local artist CJ Marsh (Artwork of CJ Marsh) will be in store March 26th from 5pm to 7pm hosting a special event, How to Draw a Super Hero! 

“Every wonder what it takes to designing a super hero? Well we have a special event coming up meet with character designer Cj Marsh from Artwork of Cj Marsh a local artist who specializes in creating characters anything from, super heroes, to villains, to anything in between!
The class will be a $10 cover fee to cover the costs of materials and to allow wizards to host it! He will discuss basic figure drawing techniques, how to draw from your imagination, and then we will all design our own super hero together!
If turn out goes well, we can hopefully make this a reoccurring thing and have different drawing sessions! Come out and support Wizards Asylum Ict. and local artist Artwork of Cj Marsh and lets create something fun and amazing!”

Click the above banner or click here to check out the Facebook event!  RSVP ASAP.

Pandemic Legacy takes the top spot!!!


Jan. 2nd 2016


Take that Pandemic!  You deserve it.

Pandemic Legacy has overtaken Twilight Struggle as the number one game on Board Game Geek.  Not surprising since it had charged to number two only a few months after its release.

My playgroup finished our campaign last night and I simply can’t overstate how much I agree with the fanfare. There were so many plot twists , interesting new mechanics and cliffhanger finishes, I can hardly wait to try it again. The campaign of games simulates a year in the struggle against the four deadly diseases from the original Pandemic. Each game represents a month, and each month may be attempted twice if necessary.  We ended up playing seventeen games, apparently this is about average,  and we beat every month except December. Perhaps the best part was how hopeless December seemed after set up and yet after a bit of despair we discovered a line of strategy that brought us close to victory.  The rules include a scoring system to rate your overall effort. We managed the third of five levels, missing level two by only two points. I am absolutely ready to find another group and try again.  If you haven’t already secured a copy you might want to hurry. I expect this new ranking to cause a sell out at the distribution level.

For more, check out this cool article.

New Year, New Things At Wizards Asylum

New Years Day 2016

In keeping with the spirit of of the day,  Id like to share some exciting changes coming for the New year.


Casual Magic Drafts only $9 

Starting Wed. Jan. 6 and continuing indefinitely our weekly Wednesday Magic Draft will only cost $9. Players will still receive three packs and keep all cards drafted. Winners will receive promo cards. A great way to build your collection and practice deck building while saving money. That’s every Wednesday at 7pm.

Board Game Degree Program

Starting in February Wizards Asylum will partner with Tabletop University to offer a Board Gaming degree. Details will be available soon, but the general idea is to create a fun way to encourage trying out a variety of games. There will be bonus points for winning and attendance. Can you be the first person to earn this prestigious honor?

Come out every Thursday at 7pm to earn credits and learn to play some great games.

Pokemon League

We are in the process of bringing this great FREE program to the store. Watch for an official announcement in January.

Birthday Party Packages

No later than Thursday the 7th, our website will be updated to include a variety of birthday party packages including options for Pokemon and Magic learn and play events and Superhero photo ops.

Saturday Deck Clinics and Casual Tournament

Starting Saturday Jan. at 1pm and continuing indefinitely we will have staff members dedicated to teaching and coaching new players. Loaner decks available. Tutorials fun from 1-2pm and are FREE. The tournament starts at 2 and is limited to novice level players.

On a personal note my resolution for the year is only play fully painted models in any miniatures game. With that in mind, I gotta stop typing and start painting.

Let there be ART. More unique Gift ideas at Wizards Asylum


After lengthy and intricate negotiations I am happy to announce that some of Candace Bollinger’s wonderful game-themed photographs are available for purchase at Wizards Asylum. Just in time for gift giving season!!


In other holiday news, We’re in the process of arranging some complimentary Super Hero Santa photo ops. Stay tuned for details on dates and times. We’re hammering out the details but expect a Batman Santa, a Spiderman Santa and a Deadpool Santa.

We are offering gift registry again this year. Simply come in and fill out a wish list and your friends and family will be able to get you exactly what you want and save 10% in the process.


Today I will be choosing and assembling my forces for the upcoming Warhammer 40K escalation league.  I’m going with Ravenwing. These biker boys have always been a favorite of mine and i need a break from Orks. I will be using some of them in the FREE painting demonstration that I will be doing this Sunday.  Also on the 40k front,  we have a tournament on December 12th.


In closing, Chicken Charades.

No further explanation forthcoming or required.


Chicken Charades is here!



Batman Day Sale at Wizards Asylum Wichita


Heath readies himself for our Batman Day Sale!

Saturday September 26 is Batman Day.

ALL Batman related merchandise will be buy one get one FREE!

Discounts up to 39% on selected Merchandise. (Batman created in 1939)

Selected Batman Back Issues for $1.00

All DC comics in our dollar bins are only 27 cents. (Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27)



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