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Things are getting a little ‘artsy’ this month with local artist CJ Marsh!

We are excited to announce that local artist CJ Marsh (Artwork of CJ Marsh) will be in store March 26th from 5pm to 7pm hosting a special event, How to Draw a Super Hero! 

“Every wonder what it takes to designing a super hero? Well we have a special event coming up meet with character designer Cj Marsh from Artwork of Cj Marsh a local artist who specializes in creating characters anything from, super heroes, to villains, to anything in between!
The class will be a $10 cover fee to cover the costs of materials and to allow wizards to host it! He will discuss basic figure drawing techniques, how to draw from your imagination, and then we will all design our own super hero together!
If turn out goes well, we can hopefully make this a reoccurring thing and have different drawing sessions! Come out and support Wizards Asylum Ict. and local artist Artwork of Cj Marsh and lets create something fun and amazing!”

Click the above banner or click here to check out the Facebook event!  RSVP ASAP.

Oath of The Gatewatch is coming to Wizard’s Asylum!


Oath of The Gatewatch nears and we’re running four events in three days so you can get your fill.

3 Days – 4 Events.
Pre- Release, Friday @ Midnight: $25 per person.
Saturday @ 11am: Pre-Register Pairs – bring a friend, pre-register together and only pay $20 per person.
Saturday @ 7pm: Two Headed Giant – Two heads are better than one. $25 to enter.
Sunday @ 1pm: $25 per person.

Pre-registration begins at Friday Night Magic on Friday, Jan 8th at 7pm.
Tickets will be given for achievements, a complete list of achievements will be available once you’ve pre-registered!
In addition to the regular prize support, there will be a drawing on Saturday evening. The more achievements you’ve gotten, the more tickets in the raffle and the more chances you have to win additional prizes. (Need not be present to win.)
One overall will win a special, one of a kind Garruk Wildspeaker custom trophy!

Like our special event fan page to see all the events and updates – https://www.facebook.com/Oath-of-The-Gatewatch-at-Wizards-Asylum-ICT-190804471274485/

Pandemic Legacy takes the top spot!!!


Jan. 2nd 2016


Take that Pandemic!  You deserve it.

Pandemic Legacy has overtaken Twilight Struggle as the number one game on Board Game Geek.  Not surprising since it had charged to number two only a few months after its release.

My playgroup finished our campaign last night and I simply can’t overstate how much I agree with the fanfare. There were so many plot twists , interesting new mechanics and cliffhanger finishes, I can hardly wait to try it again. The campaign of games simulates a year in the struggle against the four deadly diseases from the original Pandemic. Each game represents a month, and each month may be attempted twice if necessary.  We ended up playing seventeen games, apparently this is about average,  and we beat every month except December. Perhaps the best part was how hopeless December seemed after set up and yet after a bit of despair we discovered a line of strategy that brought us close to victory.  The rules include a scoring system to rate your overall effort. We managed the third of five levels, missing level two by only two points. I am absolutely ready to find another group and try again.  If you haven’t already secured a copy you might want to hurry. I expect this new ranking to cause a sell out at the distribution level.

For more, check out this cool article.

Board Games, Hero Clix and Pauper night

Its a World of Laughter a World of Fun, Its a Small SmallWorld!”

Happy to be hosting Cardboard Carnage’s Small World Board Game Event tonight. SmallWorld is one of my favorite games that I’ve never played. Love the look and theme, learned the rules once but had to leave before I got to play.

In other Board Games news, we got re-stocked on the new Warhammer 40k Board game from Fantasy Flight, Forbidden Stars.


A beautiful game of Galactic Conquest in the 41st Millennium. Our first wave sold out before we could even get it to the shelves.

001   Comes with 140 detailed miniature Pieces including Ork Space Hulks and Battle Fortresses. WAAAAAAGHHH!!!!!

Also new to the shelves,


Student Bodies

played on a massive 3 foot board with gorgeous 2.5 ” Standees.

What makes this Zombie Game Different?

No Guns. No Chainsaws. It’s a High School. You’ll have to be Smarter!

The Hero Clix crowd will be in this evening for a final practice session for Saturday’s Hero Clix State Championship event.

There’s been some discussion about the banned list for tonight’s Magic Pauper Tournament.

Tonight we will stick with the list we posted however it has been decided that moving forward we will be conforming to Wizards of The Coast’s Official Rules for the format.

Doomtown Tournament Photos

This last Sunday, we held a casual Doomtown tournament.  Doomtown is a Living Card Game (LCG) set in the old west, with a twist. We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of old west lingo being thrown around. Check out some pictures!

DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0023 DSC_0027

Players put together their best decks or just used an existing deck and had shootouts for prizes.


First place went to Devin this time.


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