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Batman Day Sale at Wizards Asylum Wichita


Heath readies himself for our Batman Day Sale!

Saturday September 26 is Batman Day.

ALL Batman related merchandise will be buy one get one FREE!

Discounts up to 39% on selected Merchandise. (Batman created in 1939)

Selected Batman Back Issues for $1.00

All DC comics in our dollar bins are only 27 cents. (Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27)



Battle For Zendikar Pinata Clarifications


Some safety concerns have been expressed regarding our Pinata Party.  Not to worry, this will not be a traditional scramble/shoving match for the loot. The floor beneath the pinata will be marked with a numbered grid. Each patron registered in two or more Pre-Release Events will be assigned a grid per entry. They will be entitled to all loot that lands in their grids. Loot on the line will go to the grid with the least other loot. This means YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN!!! Any stray loot that makes it into the crowd goes to anyone that catches it in air. If it hits the ground it will be distributed into the squares with the least loot. As we have never made a Hedron Pinata before and dont have a spare to test on, we reserve the right to re-scatter loot as we see fit if too much goes to anyone individual. The goal is a fun somewhat silly distribution of “door” prizes.

Yes we will be using Garruk’s Axe to smash the Hedron Pinata.


In other news, We finally got Pitch Car and Baseball Highlights in store!




Battle for Zendikar Custom Play Mats and a Malifaux Love Story

2015-09-23 13.49.48

Check out the Blanks for the Custom Playmats we are giving away during our Battle for Zendikar Pre-Release Events this weekend. The recipient of each mat will be personalized with the recipients name and card art of their choice to create a one of a kind keepsake. Champions will each receive one of these special prizes, but also some will go our as door prizes or pinata prizes. Hope to see you for the many fun activities we have planned.

2015-09-23 13.43.58

Meet my latest love,  Chiak, the Niece. She’s part of the Yan Lo Crew I’m running in our Malifaux league.

I continue to be impressed with this miniature game. If you aren’t familiar with it, its very unique. It uses decks of cards instead of dice for number generation. Players have a hand to use each turn to change the random results thus bringing bluffing and hand management into the decision process. Add that to the wide range of factions available to play and the low point of entry and you have quite an elegant game.

Come down and get a demo or join the league, its free and we’ll even loan you models.

MTG Zendikar Pre-Release Pinata Party


The Devin Daily Blog is back!!!

I’m so inspired by the crazy fun we have planned for the Battle for Zendikar pre-release Event that I’m coming off my blog hiatus.

Believe it or not we are making a Pinata out of the Zendikar Hedron. It will be stuffed with packs, singles, coupons  and other goodies. Garruk will be loaning us his axe for the occasion.  Around eight o’clock on Saturday, after the first round of the Pre-release, we will smash the thing and let the prizes fall as they may.  Anyone who plays in two or more of our pre-release event will be eligible to participate. This is just one of the special treats we have planned for the weekend. Check out our Facebook Events page for more details.

Custom Play-mats, Door prizes Eldrazi Hats, Bounties and more. Should be a crazy weekend.

In case Magic isn’t your thing, Saturday is also Batman Day. Come in and check out the store-wide specials on Batman related merchandise.

The wacky fun continues into October. Thursday Oct. 8th we will partner with Newman University’s Board Game Club for a Seven Wonders Tournament. $5 entry.  Two lucky players will walk away with a copy of the game. One for the champion and one as a random door prize. There will also playmats, alternate art cards and other nifty goodies distributed to top finishers and random participants. If you haven’t tried Seven Wonders get on down to the store and we will demo it for you. Its a fast paced yet intricate drafting game with multiple paths to victory.

2015-07-05 18.51.22

And we have Roller Girls. On Saturday Oct. 10th we bring you

Get Smashed with the ICT Roller Girls!

Smash-up Tournament starts at 2pm. If you don’t know how to play, no problem we will be demoing it starting at noon right up until the event starts. Prizes include store credit and tickets to the Roller Girls Monster Mash Up event.

Magic Unglued and Unhinged tonight.



All righty folks here’s your chance to play with Carnivorous Death-Parrot, or to give someone a Wet Willie of the Damned.


We will be cube drafting Unglued and Unhinged tonight. We have assembled an official cube of Magic’s two comedy set. Our box includes one of every rare, two of every uncommon and four of every common. If you have never played with these cards you are in for a treat provided you don’t take things to seriously. A perfect precursor to the Origins Pre-Release events this week end.

Look Who is in the house. Dr. Who that is…all popped up.



And how about a little Orkitecture.


Sweet  fuel hanger for our upcoming Narrative 40k Event.



“I don’t Need Your Civil War” –Axel Rose


That’s right Mr Rose, we don’t need it cause we just got it.  A collection came in that not only has the complete main story but almost all of the key tie-ins. Here’s just a few.



Shark Week!!! Board Game Blowout, Dominion Update




In celebration of Shark Week we have two graphic novels from the Discovery Channel.


The sub-title of the Great White Book is ” everything else is just food”.

We also got restocked on some of the very popular cardboard children’s books.




I really don’t want to put the on sale games from this weekend back on the shelves. If you come in and mention the Devin Daily blog you can take another 25% off the already discounted prices on anything on the sale table or in the sale area.  For example, Nations with an MSRP of $99 would be $45.00 after the extra discount.

I am very excited about our Wacky Wednesday Magic Unglued Event. Come out and get your silly on.

I have decided to make tonight the first night to officially record scores for the Dominion League. Several factors contributed to this choice. We uncovered a few errors in some of the early games that radically affected the outcomes and then a results sheet went missing before it made it to the computer so it seems best and easiest to call this first week practice.



Dominion League Heats Up! Age of Sigmar Reviewed


We have Roller Girls!! If you hadn’t already heard we are proud sponsors of the ICT Roller Girls penalty box this season. Several of the girls have joined our Dominion League and they are out for blood. Its  not  too late to join. The rules allow newcomers to make up missed games. Official play happens each Tuesday but games can be played anytime.



I was very excited by the play test of Age of Sigmar this weekend. Games Workshop has certainly captured most of whats enjoyable about Warhammer Fantasy in this streamlined new release. While I do miss the challenge of maneuvering large block units, I still get play with the best Fantasy Miniatures ever created in the most accessible format ever made. I applaud GW for making all the warscrolls instantly available.  We have printed them out if you’d like to take a look and will be forming an escalation league soon. Demos available on request!


FREE Fantasy Space Marines!!!???!! New DBZ expansion tomorrow


Here’s a look at the New “Fantasy Space Marines”.  And for the Second time in two days I get to say FREE when talking about Games Workshop. The new White Dwarf comes jammed full of pictures of the new models for The Age of Sigmar and it includes a FREE  Stormcast Eternal Miniature.


The new box set releases on July 11th.  We are offering 25% off on pre-orders throughout the holiday weekend.  The box set includes the 47 all new miniatures pictured here:


here’s a couple of close ups

027 028

And now for the best part of this new box set.

You don’t even need it because starting Saturday you can download a PDF of the rules and a Warscroll for “every existing Warhammer Miniature. for FREE!!!!! (warscrolls give the unique stats for playing your favorite models.

We will be play testing The Age of Sigmar Sunday starting at 1pm. This is a FREE event.

Just a reminder we’re playing Pauper Magic tonight.

We will be getting the new Dragonball Z expansion. The shipment will also include a limited supply of set one starters. These are likely to be the last set one starters we will get so don’t expect them to last long.

New Star Trek Attack Wing Ships have arrived!!



Also new Netrunner Data Packs and Doomtown Saddlebags and a re-stock on the Sheriff of Nottingham Board Game.


Cthulhu makes the Devin Daily again in the form of a new creative story telling game set in the world of H.P. Lovvecraft.



and in closing a picture that speaks for itself.


Harley Quinn, Godzilla and Cthulhu walk into…


New inmates at the Asylum.      20150701_152737

Lovely new, fully pose-able Harley action figure from Ban Dai.      20150701_152747



Premium Godzilla Action Figure also from Ban Dai


and a Cthulhu Vinyl Piggy Bank.




No punchline just a cool trio. But I am impressed that my spell checker recognizes the correct spelling of Cthulhu.

And if that were not exciting enough check these bad boyz.


Customize-able Play mats featuring or Orkified Logo. Very limited availability on these dudes.

Speaking of things you can only find at an Asylum, The Dominion League kicked off last night. It was a blast but for one awkward game with the Knights from Dark Ages. I might have to burn those cards. David Barnes has taken an early lead, but there’s still plenty of time to join in. The rules will allow players to join at any point during the six weeks and still have an opportunity to catch up.


Here’s the Latest cover of the Daily Ork.

Gork Majik Stronger than a Super Nova???

Urtybog Skabfang says YES!!

I just had an exciting talk with my Games Workshop rep about The Age of Sigmar. if you have ever been curious about a Fantasy based miniatures battle game there has never been a better point of entry.



This completely new game introduces a new race but also supports all existing Fantasy miniatures. Its completely scale-able from one model skirmishes all the way to epic grand battles between large armies. All you need to start is a single miniature. No rule books to buy. The rules will be available to download for FREE!!!! No Codexes to buy the unique rules for each Army will be contained in Battle Scrolls that will be available to download for FREE!!!!

We will be play testing Age of Sigmar this Sunday July 5th, starting at one o’clock. Minis will be provided!! Sorry for the short notice I just found out myself.




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