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Heroclix State Champ prizes arrive. Warhammer Age of Sigmar News


The future of  Warhammer Fantasy is coming and GW has finally given me some tidbits to share. Age of Sigmar will be a new game system that picks up the story line of  Warhammer fantasy after the End of Times. All models from existing fantasy armies will be playable but this is NOT Warhammer 9th edition.

I am planning to add Age of Sigmar to my product line and will offer 20% off on pre-orders.

clix prizes

The prize kit for the Hero Clix State Championship has arrived.

Tuesday also means the weekly Diamond order. In addition to the usual supply of great books, we now have an awesome stock of bottle openers and jello molds!

013 012

Love the latest Archie vs. Predator Cover



Also proud to have The Adventure Time Encyclopedia.


Getting ready to place a gaming order. I’ve been told Splendor playmats are going to be available make sure to click on us tomorrow to find out if we got any.


Magic Clinic, Modern Tourney, Doomtown dominated by upstart Tulsan

Devin Daily June 15, 2015

Let the deck doctoring begin!!! I am pleased to announce a Magic event with the casual player in mind. Check out our FREE Tournament. I am looking forward to this as a regular Saturday event.

The Warhammer 40K team event went smoothly. Ryan Lynn took first place with an Eldar Scat Bike List.

005 Toby Reece took best painted army with some awesome Grey Knights.002

Its Monday and that means Modern Magic at 7pm.facebook_event_389746377887274

Tabletop Euroversity tonight also at 7pm will feature an oldie but goodie. Puerto Rico.

Yesterday’s Doomtown event was dominated by a non-stop trash talker form Tulsa.  Damon Meadows went undefeated with his miracle based Law Dogs Deck. Lay on Hands and Walk the Path proved too much to overcome.






Warhammer 40k Team Event underway. Doomtown on the horizon.


Flying Monkeys VI in full swing today.

Looking forward to tomorrows Doomtown Event. Even though I won the last tournament, I will be spending some time updating my deck. I’m switching to a straight flush draw structure. Never Gunfight with a clown!!! its always been truth now even more so.


For those planning to play the 40k Narrative Event on Aug. 15th.


Bill Fry actually teared up a little. Feeling nostalgic when he found this olden goldie in our Flea Market.

Finally I must de-bunk a myth.

Jason Grantz has previously claimed he would play Caeverna on demand. But he just refused a game. Sad day when a legend dies.



Splendor Game Event Splendid, Tsunamicon Deal Struck, FNM and Warhammer Tournament dominate day.

The Devin Daily June 12, 2015

Last Night’s Splendor Event was Splendiferous!


A Dozen people played in the tournament with a handful more attending the demo but choosing not to compete. Jason Grantz and Steven Mount bested the field. Each earned a playmat and full set of custom clear game tokens. All participants received a set of limited edition nobles cards. There were a few remaining sets of Nobles. These will be given out with the next copies of Splendor we sell.

This event was the first in the AsmOPlay series from Asmodee games.  Next up will be Seven Wonders in July, details TBA.

Erik Carl of Tsumanicon stopped by and we sketched out Wizard’s Asylum’s role in the convention. Our primary focus will be LCG’s. In addition to ongoing demos, we will run competitive events for Netrunner, Conquest and Doomtown.

It’s Friday and that means FNM. Our standard, standard event will fire at seven, and in case you were not aware, every player gets a free entry to our Win A Box Raffle. I am conflicted about which deck to play tonight. It’s extremely tempting to try and consolidate last weeks win by going with the infinite turns deck again, but I’m leaning toward Villianous Wealth. Probably a game-time decision.

Final preparations are underway for tomorrow’s Flying Monkey’s Warhammer Team Event. We will be playing the Adepticon 2015 Team Scenarios. Here’s a sneak peek at the participation prize for the event.


Yes those are Foil Flying Monkey Sleeves on a special set of Tactical  Objective Cards.

In addition to these sweet cards, participants will have first access to our new miniatures  flea market which will feature bits and bargains on used models.

One more thing for the 40K crowd….

There’s a new Ork Warlord causing quite a commotion in the outer regions. Urtybog Skabfang claims to be a refugee from Thrakka’s homeworld, Urk. This planet has been believed uninhabitable for generations due to the supernova of its host star. Nonetheless, wild rumors are flying about some obscure relics that could change the balance of power in the galaxy.  Definite ramifications for the upcoming Narrative Event. Stay Tuned!!!

The Gauntlet has been Run!! Devin Daily June 11, 2015


Efrain Ramirez beat the Gauntlet last night taking home a Savannah as his prize. He had made numerous previous attempts with his Azban Agro Deck. The recent addition of Den Protector seems to have made the difference. I was constantly put in awkward situations because I knew he was going to retrieve valuable cards with it and the unblockable ability can get out of hand with Anafenza and Dromoka’s Command.

I’m excited about tonight’s Splendor Event.  Such an excellent game and the prize pieces are gorgeous. Here’s a few strategy tips

  • buy cards with points on them. Seems obvious, but people often get distracted, trying to build economies that will net lots of free cards down the road. The problem with this thinking is that the game often ends before these economies pay off.
  • pay attention to the ratio of points to total cost in gems. They are vastly different. Target the bargains.

try to anticipate your opponents targets. Even if you can’t buy it before they do you can reserve it. Yes this costs you a valuable action but even if you never play the card you do get a gold out of it and many times the opponent spent multiple actions to set up the purchase you have pre-empted. Yes its a little anti-social but often the winning play.

Lots of new stuff in today including Boss Monster 2. I cant help but chuckle since the kickstarters are still waiting for their copies.  Score one for the FLGS.

Also got Bring Out Yer Dead which I’ve been waiting on.

Finally my morning got boost when Austin Crandell brought in this bad boy.



Devin Daily June 10th, 2015

My day started a breakthrough on the Narrative Warhammer 40k event I’ve been scripting for Flying Monkeys in August.  My instincts have been driving me towards conventional tournament structures, but this keeps contaminating the needs of the narrative. This morning while still waking up, pre-coffee even, the solution manifested. The details must remain secret but participants can expect unique play experiences.

Speaking of minis, We’ve set a time for some more Malifaux action. A fifty soul stone event will be held on Saturday July 18th. More details will be available soon. If you haven’t heard about the promotion Wyrd games is running this month to support your FLGS, check this out. Yep you can earn a FREE exclusive miniature just by shopping at the Asylum.

I’m headed to Tulsa today to pick up some new stuff and we have a large order arriving either today or tomorrow so there will be lots of new stuff to check out this weekend. I’m hoping to make it back in time for tonight’s Magic booster draft. We are doing Dragon Dragon Fate. I have drafted a fair amount of this online in the last few weeks and have achieved a high win percentage drafting green white bolster. I am eager to try this with live opponents. Look for the results in tomorrow’s Devin Daily


Old Dogs and New Blogs


And for my next trick…

A Blog,

Introducing the “Devin Daily”  wherein one will find news, clues, and reviews.

June 9th, 2015

A quick recap of the weekend:

I was happy to host 12 players Friday night for a dice masters draft.

I managed to win Friday Night Magic for the first time since I took over the store, given my commitment to rogue decks one win every seven months is about the expected ratio. I did take it down in style, achieving infinite turns with Sage of Hours. For a list of this janky brew,  click here.

Saturday’s Magic PPTQ went off smoothly with 34 competitors playing Modern. You can find the top eight players and decklists by clicking here.

Speaking of Modern, I am only 11 cards away from foiling my turbo turns deck. Since these are cards I need personally I will be trading more generously than the store normally would. Here’s the link to what I’m missing.

Today I will be focusing on preparations for this weekends Flying Monkeys VI  Warhammer  40K Team Tournament.  In addition to finalizing the scenarios, I am manufacturing another nifty give away. I am also sorting a bunch of bits and used minis to create a flea market table with exclusive deals for tournament participants.

Doomtown Tournament Photos

This last Sunday, we held a casual Doomtown tournament.  Doomtown is a Living Card Game (LCG) set in the old west, with a twist. We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of old west lingo being thrown around. Check out some pictures!

DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0023 DSC_0027

Players put together their best decks or just used an existing deck and had shootouts for prizes.


First place went to Devin this time.


A New Chapter

And so it begins, A new era. It has been a hectic couple of months for us here at the Asylum. New owner, New store layout, New renovations, New website! We would like to thank all our customers who braved our renovation mess and stuck with us! Big things are happening here at Wizards Asylum ICT, So stay tuned and come by and see us!

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