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Pandemic Legacy takes the top spot!!!


Jan. 2nd 2016


Take that Pandemic!  You deserve it.

Pandemic Legacy has overtaken Twilight Struggle as the number one game on Board Game Geek.  Not surprising since it had charged to number two only a few months after its release.

My playgroup finished our campaign last night and I simply can’t overstate how much I agree with the fanfare. There were so many plot twists , interesting new mechanics and cliffhanger finishes, I can hardly wait to try it again. The campaign of games simulates a year in the struggle against the four deadly diseases from the original Pandemic. Each game represents a month, and each month may be attempted twice if necessary.  We ended up playing seventeen games, apparently this is about average,  and we beat every month except December. Perhaps the best part was how hopeless December seemed after set up and yet after a bit of despair we discovered a line of strategy that brought us close to victory.  The rules include a scoring system to rate your overall effort. We managed the third of five levels, missing level two by only two points. I am absolutely ready to find another group and try again.  If you haven’t already secured a copy you might want to hurry. I expect this new ranking to cause a sell out at the distribution level.

For more, check out this cool article.

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